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What Is Husk?

Husk is a barebones CSS3 layout framework designed to give professional developers a quick and easy platform with which to develop websites. Unlike other frameworks (such as Bootstrap, Foundation, et cetera), Husk does not add colors, borders, or other non-structural styles to the website, leaving you full creative freedom to design your site as you wish.

Just like other frameworks, Husk has a 12-column grid system! It works on the new CSS3 flexbox module, meaning that there won't be any strangeness with unpredictable float behavior, or Firefox's table bugs.

Why not another?

If you're new to web programming, you might use WordPress, Joomla, Tumblr, or Blogger to give your web content style and structure, and this is okay. To get more in-depth, you might choose Bootstrap, Foundation, or another similar CSS/JS framework. The problem with these is that you must take time to override default styles to design your site properly.

Also, as mentioned above, other systems use float, which can lead to unpredictability and sometimes requires clear to fix things. You'll never have to deal with this using Husk.


Husk stays naked to let you be the designer! Husk won't interfere with your design, allowing you to come up with multiple designs while keeping the layout and structure exactly the same!


Not estimated, not close. Husk utilizes CSS3 calc to ensure perfectly-fitting cells and guarantee exact results, the right way

For the People

Since Husk never overrides styles, you can pop it into any existing webpage if you just need a couple features.

If you use a reset.css, you'll love Husk, because it respects most of those resets!

By the People

Husk was designed by web designers, for web designers. We've had to design, maintain, and upgrade multiple websites, and have used this knowledge to build Husk for ourselves, if not you, too!